Our Story

At the bottom of Mount Gilboa, overlooking the breathtaking view of Jezreel Valley, Kimmel BaGilboa is Chef Shaul Ben Aderet’s restaurant. We could not have asked for a better setting than this.

In Kimmel BaGilboa, we use local produce, excellent meat, fresh fish and spice herbs to create wonderful meals.
The design of the restaurant includes a large bar where we offer our guests a wide selection of wines and drinks. A special room is dedicated for private events, while during the summer, we hold parties with special chef brunches in our vine hut.

With Kimmel BaGilboa, the entire area turns magical: you can actually sense the Provence here in Israel.

Good bistro, special food and the most beautiful view make for the perfect recipe.


There may be daily changes to the menu, please contact the restaurant

Mains - fish

Mains - meat

Mains - vegetarian / vegan

Kids’ meal

Kids' Combo 69 NIS

Soft drinks

Hot drinks

Drought Beer


Red Wine

Dry White

Semi-dry White


Sparkling / Champagne

Choice of First course

Choice of Main course for 119 NIS

Choice of Main course for 139 NIS

Your choice of dessert - 29 NIS

Your choice of a soft drink + 10 NIS

Draught Tuborg beer - 22 NIS


Kids’ meal

Kids’ lunch deal - 69 NIS

Mains - fish

Mains - meat - served with dairy potato puree / baked vegetables / salad


Events at the Kimmel Gilboa Restaurant

Unique events at the Kimmel restaurant in Gilboa:
The restaurant has a private room for events up to 30 people.

For details, contact the event manager

Fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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